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An active shield.

Shields are equipped in the same way weapons are, using one of the player's main chassis hardpoints, but offer defensive rather than offensive capabilities. Shields are effectively bi-directional (that is, shots cannot pass through it in either direction) as they disable the other weapon hardpoints whilst in active use, but do not passively consume any of their energy either, only losing it when struck directly.

Each shield has a strength that determines how much damage it can absorb before being depleted and needing time to refill. Until a shield has refilled fully, it cannot be redeployed.

List of Shields[edit | edit source]

Name Short Name Icon Description Price Strength Recharge Rate Recovery Time
SH Shield Shields This tried and true energy shield has been used by void explores for decades, and provides reliable protection in an 180 degree arc. Deflected impacts drain its power cell, which will automatically recharge when not in use. $5 10 0.02 4s
SH-RF Reflection Shield Shields With alterations to the energy diffusion matrix, this shield can reflect projectiles back towards their source, though this places considerable drain on the power cell. $10 10 0.02 4s
SH-QK Quick Shield Shields This shield has been equipped with a rapid-charge micro cell. A single deflected hit will drain the power cell and disperse the shield, but it will immediately recharge and be ready for use again. $10 1 0.1 0.2s